Geared motor classification

August 8, 2019
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Geared motor classification

1. According to the motor classification, there are mainly the following categories.

(l) AC (including brake) motors: three-phase AC motors (12OW to 30kw) and single-phase AC motors (IW-1o2w).
(2) DC (including brake) motors: electromagnetic (several watts to tens of kilowatts) and permanent magnet (several watts to several kilowatts)

DC motors.
(3) AC (straight) flow servo motor.

(4) Various control motors and special motors.

2. According to the gearbox transmission mode, there are mainly the following categories.

(l) Gear transmission: including helical gears, worm gears, cone (umbrella) gears, planetary gears. Gear transmission is the most classic transmission. The single-stage transmission efficiency is over 98%. The structure is simple, the reliability is high, the service life is long (design life is 20 years), and the power range is large (up to 30kw).

(2) Cycloidal pinwheel: adopting the principle of planetary transmission, the cycloidal wheel meshes with the pinwheel, which realizes multi-tooth simultaneous meshing transmission and avoids the possibility of broken teeth. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, large transmission ratio, first-order speed ratio up to 1:119, and average efficiency of single-stage transmission of more than 90%.

(3) Harmonic transmission: The mechanical wave is generated by the harmonic generator and then deformed by the flexible gear to generate relative displacement between the teeth to achieve the transmission purpose. The utility model has advantages: the single-stage transmission ratio can reach 1:50, the number of meshing teeth is large, the bearing capacity is high, the volume is small, the quality is light, and the single-stage transmission efficiency reaches 0.1% by printing. However, the flexible wheel is made into a thin-walled structure and works under repeated deformation conditions, and the heat treatment is required to be high. At present, it is generally used for medium and small power transmissions, and the motor power is below 10kw.


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