Gear Motors and Increased Force

August 1, 2019
Latest company news about Gear Motors and Increased Force

Gear motors are commonly used in commercial applications where equipment needs to exert a high amount of force to move a weighty object. Examples of these types of equipment would include a crane or lift jack.

If you've ever seen a crane in action, you've seen a great example of how a gear motor works. As you have probably noticed, a crane can be used to lift and move weighty objects. The electric motor used in most cranes is a gear motor that uses the basic principles of speed reduction to increase torque or force.


Gear motors used in cranes are usually specialty types that use a deficient rotational output speed to create incredible torque. However, the principles of the gear motor used in a crane are the same as those used in the example electric time clock. First, the output speed of the rotor is reduced through a series of large gears until the rotating RPM speed of the final gear is very low. The low RPM speed helps create a high amount of force that you can use to lift and move heavy objects.



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