Classification and selection of common pumps

August 13, 2019

Classification and selection of common pumps
Many common pump configurations are not complicated, but we may not choose a pump, especially if we use a pump. Due to the unreasonable selection, other pumps are completely unusable, and the maintenance cost is high. This makes it very meaningful to choose the right pump. So, what is the important data for choosing a pump? How do we choose the pump that suits us? As a professional fire pump manufacturer, Shanghai Lianyu Pump Co., Ltd. will explain the choice of pump models today.

Pump selection classification

According to the working principle and structure of the pump:

Leaf pumps, positive displacement pumps (such as pumps), jet pumps, airlift pumps, electromagnetic pumps, rotary vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, etc.

Vane pumps such as centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps, mixed flow pumps, fuel pumps, screw pumps, etc.

Positive displacement pumps, such as reciprocating pumps and rotor pumps

Return pump: electric pump, steam pump

Electric pump: plunger (piston) pump, diaphragm pump, metering pump

Rotor pump: gear pump, screw pump, Roots pump, slider pump, etc.

Use a  pump type selection table to select pump type.

Based on the determined design head and design flow, in the selection table, the horizontal head finds the head value that is consistent or close to the design head; then finds the flow value that is consistent or close to the design flow in the vertical head. Thus, the vertical and horizontal directions intersect the small squares, marking the pump model and selecting the pump type initially. However, sometimes both pump types meet the design requirements. In this case, you can compare the two pump types for technical and economic analysis and then choose a suitable pump type. This method of selecting a water pump is relatively simple and quick.

The working areas of the centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, and mud pump are all integrated on the same graph using the pump's comprehensive performance spectrum. This constitutes a comprehensive spectrum of agricultural water pumps. The drawing of this picture is more complicated, but it is more convenient to use. Based on the determined design flow and design head, in the profile, first several pumps of different flow rates are found in the ordinate to meet the design head requirements, and then which pump is selected on the abscissa. When the design flow is large, the multi-machine operation may be considered if a single pump cannot meet the requirements. Still, you should use the same type of pump as much as possible to facilitate construction, installation, management, and maintenance.



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