Booster pump function introduction

April 23, 2019

“Negative pressure pump” and “positive pressure pump” are mainly artificially distinguished from function and main purpose. "Negative pressure pump" is mainly used in places where vacuum (negative pressure) is required, such as pumping, gas analysis, gas circulation, gas sampling, vacuum adsorption, indirect water absorption, etc.; and "positive pressure pump" is mainly used for needs. The pump carries out the gas transfer, pressurization of a closed container, inflating and inflating, indirect water pressure, etc. These are commonly used in medical, scientific research, environmental protection, instrumentation and control, and the like.

The "negative pressure pump" has a positive pressure at the exhaust end, but it is a micro-positive pressure, which is much smaller than the output pressure of the "positive pressure pump." For example, the micro vacuum pump VM, VAA, PC, etc., are "negative pressure pumps." "inhalation pump," and their exhaust end pressure is often only a few kilopascals (KPa); "positive pressure pump" suction end is also slightly negative pressure, to complete the pumping effect.

The gas booster pump series is a two-stage booster pump that can increase the pressure of very low-pressure gas to very high pressure. The driving pressure is ≤7bar, the gas inlet pressure is 0.5-10 bar, and the maximum can be increased to 90Mpa. The reversing mode of this series of pumps is the same as that of the N series. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. In the gas drive section of the pump, the series requires a lubricated gas to lubricate the seals and other internal parts. The pump has a drive piston diameter of 160 mm. The gas booster pump series is a single-stage booster pump. The input pressure of the pressure gas input port requires a certain degree of preload, and the pre-increased pressure varies depending on the maximum pressure of the gas booster pump picture. The maximum pressure can be increased to 80Mpa.

The gas booster pump H series uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to achieve reciprocating motion of the pump, all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All seals are imported quality products. The maximum design drive pressure is 10bar. However, to ensure the pump's life, it is recommended to drive the pressure <8bar. The pumps have a drive piston diameter of 160 mm and are single-acting pumps with exhaust cooling for all single-acting pumps. The reversing mode of this series of pumps is the same as that of the B series, and the flow rate is doubled compared with the B type.
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