Gear pump installation requirements

April 23, 2019

Gear pump installation requirements


1. Before installing the oil pump, check whether the pump body and the motor are damaged during transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the dust cover of the pump inlet and outlet is damaged, and the dirt enters the pump cavity.


2. The gear oil pump and motor are mounted on the bottom plate. When lifting with a crane, you must hang the sling in the sling on the bottom plate. When lifting the oil pump head, hang it on the flange pipe of the inlet and outlet to make the pump shaft. Again, do not bear external forces.


3, gear pump installation requirements Gear pump installation should be selected in a dry and bright place so that managers can check the operation of the pump. If the gear oil pump is close to the wall unit, it must be reserved for easy removal and maintenance. Please do not install the pump in a place where it is wet and exposed to the sun, wind, and rain. If the installation site is flooded, the gear pump must be above the maximum water level.

4. The gear oil pump should be fixed on a firm foundation to avoid loosening and vibration of the pipe and tightened with bolts to avoid deformation of the bottom plate. If the pump head is installed on the machine, it must be placed with the least vibration.


5. Before installing the inlet and outlet pipes, you must flush the pipe's inner wall with kerosene. No debris is allowed. If such substances enter the pump body, they will damage the gears. The pump's inlet and outlet pipe diameter should not be smaller than the pump inlet and outlet diameter. The inlet pipe should adopt a slightly larger pipe diameter. The inlet pipe should be as short as possible. The elbow should have a larger bending radius. The valve on the pipe should use a gate valve to reduce the resistance.


6. The gear oil pump does not need to install the bottom valve. However, because the resistance of the bottom valve is huge, it is recommended to install a metal filter at the inlet of the oil inlet pipe to prevent debris from entering the pump body. The effective area of ​​the oil filter net should not be less than the pipe diameter area. Double, the oil inlet of the oil pipeline should be cut at an angle of 45 °C.


7. The pump shaft and motor shaft should be installed concentrically. When the installation concentricity is not good, it is possible to cut the coupling claw when rotating.


The gear pump installation requirements should be combined with the specific application site and installation drawings and installed and operated in strict accordance with the standard.

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