Basic knowledge about the motor(7)

April 27, 2019
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Basic knowledge about the motor(7)


23. In a motor, the leakage flux refers to the flux of only the winding itself, and the back EMF generated can often be equivalent to a leakage voltage drop (or negative reactance drop).

24. Asynchronous motor rotors are: - squirrel cage, winding type, and so on.

25. The slip s of an asynchronous motor is defined as the ratio of the difference between the synchronous speed and the rotor speed to the synchronous speed. When the asynchronous motor operates in the motor state, its slip rate s ranges from 1>s>0.

26. The relationship between the electromagnetic torque Tem of the asynchronous motor and the slip rate s has three key points: the starting point (s = 1), the maximum electromagnetic torque point (s = sm), and the synchronization point (s =0). When the rotor resistance of the asynchronous motor changes, the magnitude of the maximum electromagnetic torque Tem and the slip rate sm are characterized by the same size and the position changes.


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