How does the motor appear to cause excessive oil temperature?

May 9, 2019

How does the motor appear to cause excessive oil temperature?

Generally speaking, it refers to a device with a large tooth (disk) with a large tooth (disc). The driving wheel is a high speed, the driven wheel becomes low speed, and the energy transmission from active to driven can be the direct coupling of teeth-tooth. Coupling by belts and chains to achieve the goal of switching from high speed to low speed.

The reasons for the oil temperature being too high are:

a. The lubricant is unqualified or used for too long.

b. Too much lubricating oil is not conducive to heat dissipation in the gearbox.

c. The parts are damaged. Damage to the components includes severe gear pitting, broken teeth, bearing cages, inner and outer rings, ball damage, and bearing locks or severe shaft deformation.

d. The outside of the cabinet is covered with debris or dust. When things are stacked around the motor or the machine's surface has not been cleaned for a long time, the heat of the reducer may be incomplete due to the covering of debris or dust so that the oil temperature rises.

e. The cooling unit is clogged or fails. The cooling device is placed in a dusty factory like the motor. If the internal pipeline is not cleaned for an extended period, the cooling device is blocked, or the cooling device is broken, the motor oil temperature will rise.




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