Why Single Phase Induction Motor is Not Self Starting?

February 26, 2020
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Why Single Phase Induction Motor is Not-Self Starting?


When faradays electromagnetic induction law is applied to the rotor, electricity is induced, and force is generated on the rotor bars. But according to Double Revolving Field theory, there are two magnetic fields with the same magnitude but revolving in the opposite direction. Thus, two force vectors are produced with an equal magnitude but opposite in direction.

Thus, as they are of the same magnitude but opposite in direction, these force vectors don’t cause the rotor to rotate. So, single-phase induction motors are not self-starting—the motor buzzes in this condition. The starting force has to be applied for a single-phase motor to prevent this situation and rotate the rotor. The rotor starts rotating as the force in one direction becomes greater than the force in the other direction. In single-phase induction motors, Auxiliary windings are used for this purpose.


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