Why is the motor used with a coil?

June 13, 2019
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Why is the motor used with a coil?

1. The coil is actually a concept with wide meaning. The copper bars or aluminum bars in the cage rotor should belong to this category. Its role is mainly used as a conductor, inductive potential, or current so that the generator or Taichung motor operates normally.

2. If the definition of the coil is limited to the winding of the enameled wire, then a motor without such a "coil" is also available. You can completely change the enameled wire into a copper rod or a rod, as long as it is a conductor. Using such a "coil" is that it is easy to wrap and facilitates molding.

3, you should understand the problem of electric rotation. You must know that the energized coil can be rotated in the magnetic field but can only turn a half turn. To allow it to continue to rotate, it is necessary to turn to half a circle Change the direction of the current or the direction of the magnetic field because the direction of the current and the magnetic field can change the direction of the energized wire in the magnetic field (one side of the coil can be seen as a wire). The Taichung motor uses the direction of changing the current. To achieve the direction of change of the force of the coil, the introduction of "commutator" and "brush." When the coil turns a half turn, it will go over the equilibrium position due to inertia. At this time, the commutator changes the direction of the current in the coil so that you can continue the direction of the force changes and the rotation. Going on.



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