Which industries are the motors used in?

June 26, 2019
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Which industries are the motors used in?

A motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses a coiled-coil (that is, a stator winding) to generate a rotating magnetic field. It acts on a rotor (such as a squirrel-cage closed aluminum frame) to form a magnetoelectric rotational torque. The electric motor is divided into a direct current motor and an alternating current motor according to the use of the power source. The electric motor in the electric power system is mostly an alternating current motor and maybe a synchronous motor or an asynchronous motor (the stator magnetic field speed of the motor and the rotational speed of the rotor are not kept at the synchronous speed). The motor is mainly composed of a stator and a rotor. The direction of the force-carrying wire in the magnetic field is related to the current direction and the direction of the magnetic induction line (the direction of the magnetic field). The working principle of the motor is that the magnetic field acts on the current to force the motor to rotate.
The most widely used of various motors is an AC asynchronous motor (also known as induction). It is easy to use, reliable in operation, low in price, and firm in structure, but with low power factor and difficult speed regulation. Synchronous motors are commonly used in high-capacity, low-speed power machines (see Synchronous Motors). The synchronous motor has a high power factor, but its speed is independent of the load and is determined only by the grid frequency. Thus, the work is more stable. DC motors are often used where wide-range speed regulation is required. However, it has a commutator, which is complicated in structure, expensive, difficult to maintain, and unsuitable for harsh environments. After the 1970s, with the development of power electronics technology, the speed control technology of AC motors has gradually matured. The price of equipment has been decreasing, and it has begun to be applied. The maximum output mechanical power that the motor can bear under the specified working mode (continuous, short-time operation, intermittent cycle operation) and not cause the motor to overheat is called its rated power. Please pay attention to the requirements on the nameplate when using it. . When the motor is running, you should take care to match the characteristics of the load with the characteristics of the motor to avoid flying or stopping. Motors can provide a wide range of power, from milliwatts to 10,000 kW. The use and control of the motor are very convenient, with the ability to self-start, accelerate, brake, reverse, and hold. In general, the motor's output power will change with the speed when the speed is adjusted.
For more than a decade, the Chinese government has been committed to promoting motor speed control technology, and various industries have adopted motor speed regulation to some extent. According to the results of sample surveys conducted by petroleum, power, building materials, steel, nonferrous metals, coal, chemical, paper, textile, and other sectors, the application of motor speed regulation in petroleum, building materials, and chemical industries is better. About 50% of the 400 million kW motor load is load-changing, and 30% can solve the load variation problem by motor speed regulation. Therefore, only about 60 million kW of the speed-regulating motor market is considered in terms of market capacity. The installed capacity of various electric motors in China has exceeded 400 million kW, of which asynchronous motors account for about 90%, small and medium-sized motors account for about 80%, and electric motors for blower pumps and compressors are about 130 million kW. Small and medium-sized motors have more than 152 series, 842 varieties, more than 4,000 specifications. In the past ten years, the mechanical industry and other relevant departments have vigorously grasped the power-saving work of electric motors, organized and led relevant research institutes and enterprises, and successively designed and manufactured a variety of energy-saving electric motors, and ordered the elimination of 63 kinds of high-energy-consuming motors and promotion. As a result, a kind of energy-saving motor has achieved certain results. These energy-saving products are mainly divided into two categories: one is a high-efficiency motor that improves the motor's efficiency, and the other is a speed-regulating motor.


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