What protective measures should the staff take when using the high pressure water gun?

October 31, 2019
Latest company news about What protective measures should the staff take when using the high pressure water gun?

What protective measures should the staff take when using the high-pressure water gun?

Because the high-pressure water gun equipment has high-pressure water, it is also dangerous. What protective measures should the staff use when using the high-pressure water gun?


To reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is recommended that the operator should do the following protection work when using the high-pressure cleaner:

1. To prevent damage to the head, wear a helmet, mask, goggles, and goggles with edges to ensure the safety of the operator's head while wearing foam earplugs or earmuffs to protect the hearing.

2. Wear protective clothing as required to protect the body‘s trunk.

3, at the same time, both feet should also wear waterproof shoes and metal protective sheets for protection.

4, good protective gloves, such as rubber gloves, wire mesh reinforced gloves and plastic gloves, etc., can be selected according to different environments to protect both hands.

5. If there is toxic gas in the environment, be sure to bring a respiratory protector device to ensure safety.

How to choose the high-pressure outlet pipe of the high-pressure cleaner?

For the high-pressure outlet pipe selected by the high-pressure cleaner, its inner diameter must match the diameter required. If the inner diameter of the high-pressure outlet pipe selected and the high-pressure cleaner does not match, it will affect the normal use. It will also damage the high pressure and high-pressure outlet pipe prematurely.


High-pressure cleaners are classified by drive engine.

There are three main categories: motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, gasoline-powered high-pressure cleaners, and diesel-driven cleaners. Although, these washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps. The difference is that their high-pressure pumps operate differently, respectively, using motors, gasoline engines, or diesel engines. The advantage of the gasoline engine drive and the diesel drive cleaner is that the two drive high-pressure washers do not require a power source and are suitable for field operations.

With the continuous development of the industry, the environmental requirements are getting higher and higher, the use of high-pressure cleaners continues to expand, especially in the field of industrial cleaning, has become the preferred equipment for industrial cleaning and is widely promoted and used. Pipeline cleaners are very common in modern cities and are used primarily for various pipe cleaning. The high-pressure pump turns the water into a high-pressure water stream to flushing the dirt. The main features are non-polluting, high efficiency, no damage to equipment, low cost, convenient operation, safety, etc., so it is widely used in municipal sanitation—sewer pipe cleaning, etc.


How to clean up heavily polluted places?

The hotel's flue cleaning, exhaust hood,, and stove are so oily, glued to the equipment. This kind of cleaning is better than choosing a high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner. Because the current high temperature and high-pressure cleaners' work pressure is generally 200 bar, the flow rate is 900 liters per hour, the outlet temperature is about 180 degrees, and the melting oil speed is breakneck. Therefore, high temperature and high-pressure cleaners are a good choice in places where drainage is convenient, and the environmental requirements are not too high.


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