What is the classification of high pressure cleaners on the market?

November 1, 2019
Latest company news about What is the classification of high pressure cleaners on the market?

What is the classification of high-pressure cleaners on the market?

What is the classification of high-pressure cleaners on the market? Generally speaking, it can be divided into cold water high-pressure cleaners, hot water high-pressure cleaners, motor-driven high-pressure cleaners, and gasoline engine drove high-pressure cleaners. Generally, it is mainly selected according to the pressure of the washing machine. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, power supply, railway, airport, food, paper, electronics, printing and dyeing, mining, automotive, construction, and many other industries, mainly used for washing various motor vehicles, building exterior walls, equipment, baths, swimming pools Floor.

How to increase the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner? When the high-pressure cleaner uses a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the pressure, the high-pressure plunger pump itself has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, few pipes, beautiful appearance, etc., so it will not increase the complexity of the structure of the high-pressure cleaner is also relatively easy to achieve high-volume automated production and assembly, but it requires a higher sealing material. If the supercharger in the high-pressure cleaner is used as an environmental booster, it is easy to reach an ultra-high pressure of 3000 bar; if the sealing method is slightly improved, the high-pressure cleaner can even reach a pressure of 5000 bar.

Why is it difficult for domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners to achieve automatic production? First, because the supercharger plunger has a relatively low moving speed, it is generally only 0.2m/s. In addition, the requirements for seals are not high, so the requirements for inlet water pressure are low. As a result, the water can be cut off without a water tank, which avoids the water overflowing the water tank during use. In addition, each group of superchargers is independent, so when a group of superchargers in a high-pressure cleaner fails, the other superchargers automatically speed up the movement and provide greater flow. The only downside is that the supercharger has a small flow rate and must be equipped with a hydraulic system, making it difficult to automate production and assembly.

Why is the high-pressure cleaner widely favored? For some dirt impurities that are not suitable for chemical cleaning methods, the high-pressure cleaner also has excellent effects; and this way, it can not only clean the surface of the object; the key point is that it will not cause secondary pollution, unlike Chemical cleaning, the environmental hazard is large, there is no special requirement after the high-pressure cleaning machine water flow cleaning, no need to carry out clean disposal; the operation is effortless, saving time and cost for the enterprise and also contributing to environmental protection.

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