What kind of inlet pipe is good for a high-pressure industrial cleaning machine?

December 10, 2019

What kind of inlet pipe is good for a high-pressure industrial cleaning machine?

What kind of water inlet pipe is good for high-pressure industrial cleaning machines? The high-pressure water pipes of high-pressure cleaning machines with hollow shaft motors have always been relatively high-loss parts, which greatly impact the cost of the machine. However, if used and maintained properly, it can be used for a relatively long time to save and reduce costs.

What kind of high-pressure washer is used for cutting metal? Generally, an ultra high-pressure washer is used for cutting metal. It is different from an ordinary high-pressure washer. The pressure of the water flowing out can reach 500 kg. The high-pressure nozzle is made of special materials. , Very hard and wear-resistant, the nozzle is a skinny hole because the pressure is 500 kg, the high-pressure water jet ejected has a powerful penetrating force, can cut metallic and non-metallic materials, and can even cut reinforced concrete material. This is a good choice for the cutting industry! Not only that, but the ultra-high pressure cleaner can also punch holes in these materials, greatly improving the cutting effect and quality.

What is the difference between a steam high-pressure cleaner and a traditional high-pressure cleaner? In particular, a steam high-pressure cleaner can generate unique molecular oscillations under the multiple combined effects of heat, humidity, impact, ionized steam oxidation, and reduction. The hot water sprayed out during work is directly converted into steam. The high-temperature steam directly destroys the peptide bonds of the protein so that the dirt can be completely removed from the surface of the object that needs to be cleaned. Oil pollution
Precautions when using the steam pressure washer The high-pressure washer needs to be shut down urgently when encountering the following conditions: 1. There is vibration or abnormal sound; 2. Excessive pressure when encountering the equipment; 3. Pressure gauge and liquid level indicator The display is abnormal; 4. When the water leakage is severe and cannot be blocked, 5, do not worry if the operation failure does not work. First, press the "emergency stop" button quickly, unplug the power, and check slowly if these situations cannot be resolved. If you cannot solve the problem, contact the Claisen high-pressure cleaner manufacturer in time.


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