What are the methods to check the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners

December 12, 2019

What are the methods to check the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners?

What are the methods to check the cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners with hollow shaft motors? 1. Random sampling method. If there are many items to be cleaned, we cannot test them one by one. Instead, we can randomly sample and then test. This method requires a certain number of samples to achieve close to the actual effect.  2. Find the most polluted part of the measurement. If the most polluted part has the required cleanliness, then the cleaning effect of other less polluted parts can generally meet the cleanliness requirements. 3. Select the most influential dirt for measurement. It is suitable for degreasing and cleaning the detection of mechanical parts. The focus is on oily dirt without specific inspection of other dirt. At the same time, it can also check the cleanliness of the cleaning object.

The pressure washer is now widely used: it is used in various industries, including industrial, commercial, and civil cleaning.

What kind of high-pressure water pipe is better for the high-pressure washer? For the high-pressure water outlet pipe selected by the high-pressure washer, its inner diameter must match the caliber required by the high-pressure washer. If the inner diameter of the high-pressure water outlet pipe and the high-pressure cleaning are selected, the Mismatched specifications of the machine will affect normal use and damage the high-pressure and high-pressure water outlet pipe prematurely.

Why is there no pollution when using a high-pressure cleaner? The main medium of a high-pressure cleaner is only water. Its working principle is that when the impact force of the sprayed water is greater than the adhesion of dirt and the object's surface, the dirt is separated from the object's surface by the water flow. Take away to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The whole process has no chemical additives and only water, so the high-pressure cleaner is pollution-free.


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