What is the working principle of high-pressure water gun

December 19, 2019
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What is the working principle of a high-pressure water gun?

What is the working principle of the high-pressure water gun: It uses water as the medium and uses a special adjustable pressurization system to make the incoming unpressured water into a multi-beam, multi-angle, high-pressure water jet with impact force. Because of its pressure, it can cut steel plates, remove sand from castings, and remove rust from metals. It can also remove salts, alkali, scale, and various plugs on the pipe's inner wall.

The application of high-pressure washer cutting, when the water jet of the high-pressure washer is large enough, is like a sharp knife. Even the metal can be cut, so more high-pressure washer is being transported for machining Water jet cutting in the industry. Much practice has proved that when the water pressure exceeds a certain threshold, even pure water can detonate certain sensitive chemicals. In contrast, sand-containing water cutting will contain abrasive sand, the impact force of sand, and the collision of objects, of course. A large amount of energy generated can easily cause the instability of special chemicals. After a large number of practice tests, the threshold is measured at about 2376 bar. Therefore, in the high-pressure water jet cutting industry, we must study the parameters in detail for high-pressure water jet cutting above 2000 bar. Its main application field is in the mechanical processing industry. When we use ordinary water jet cutting, its normal pressure is generally within 500bar, far below the safety threshold. Therefore, as long as the correct operation is performed, no safety accident will occur.


Is it safe to use a high-pressure cleaner for metal cutting? When using a high-pressure cleaner for metal cutting, there is a great relationship between pressure and safety. Therefore, we must find the best equipment working pressure in the specific operation. To ensure safety. In the machining industry. When we use high-pressure washer water flow to cut, its normal pressure is generally within 500bar, far below the safe value range. Therefore, as long as we operate correctly, there will be no safety accidents.


High-pressure cleaners are used by many people when shutting down using steam high-pressure cleaners. Steam high-pressure cleaners are different from ordinary high-pressure cleaners, so when the machine is shut down, turn off the work switch and open the nozzle to discharge the remaining steam. Next, open the drain valve at the bottom of the machine to empty the water tank. If it is freezing weather, press the strong drain button on the back of the machine for a few seconds to drain water from the pipeline, then cut off the power, arrange the water pipe, and place the machine to ensure the next use.


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