The importance of high-pressure electric washing machines for the cleaning industry

December 20, 2019
Latest company news about The importance of high-pressure electric washing machines for the cleaning industry

The importance of high-pressure electric washing machines for the cleaning industry

The importance of high-pressure electric washing machines with the hollow shaft motor for the cleaning industry: Compared with humans, high-pressure electric washing machines have greatly improved efficiency. They can quickly remove stains on the surface of articles, and at the same time, can clean places that are difficult to clean manually, such as narrow pipes, high walls, etc. In addition, the machine can replace multiple people to work, greatly reducing labor costs and submitting work efficiency.

How to increase the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner? When the high-pressure cleaner uses a high-pressure plunger pump to increase the pressure, the high-pressure plunger pump itself has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, few pipelines, and beautiful appearance, so it will not increase the complexity of the structure of the high-pressure cleaner is also relatively easy to achieve large-scale automated production and assembly. Still, it has higher requirements for sealing materials. For example, if an environmental supercharger is added to the high-pressure cleaner, it can easily reach an ultra-high pressure of 3000 bar; if the sealing method is slightly improved, the high-pressure cleaner can even reach a pressure of 5000 bar.

Cleaning and maintenance of high-pressure washers and supporting products. If machinery and equipment are intended to be used for a long time, you should not ignore normal maintenance. High-pressure cleaners are no exception. Daily maintenance work mainly includes 1. Check whether the inlet and outlet pipes are folded and damaged before work. Appear like. 2. Check the smooth oil level in the crankcase, and replace it every three months. 3. Check the water inlet filter for blockage frequently and clean the filter once a week. 4. Remove and clean the high-pressure oil pump once every three months.

Which pipes can be cleaned by the high-pressure pipe dredger? 1. Various types of sewage pipes, industrial water pipes, units, schools, enterprises, residential areas, sewage pipes, rainwater pipes, gas pipes, flues, etc. 2. Municipal pipelines: Accumulated over time, excessive accumulation of mud and debris in the pipeline will cause blockages and affect normal sewage flow. 3. The sewer pipes of restaurants and hotels. The inner walls of these places are filled with many oil blocks, debris and are easy to block. Generally, it is not easy to clean, but it only treats the symptoms, not the basics. Select high-pressure pipeline dredge machine water jet cleaning and dredge once solve.

Why does the pipe cleaning machine have a long period of time, and the cleaning effect is not good? Any mechanical equipment will have certain problems when it is used for a long time. The pipe cleaning machine is no exception. The most common problem is the pressure drop, and the cleaning effect is not good. If this happens, you can check it first. If the high-pressure water outlet nozzle is severely worn, if it is severely worn, replace it with a new one in time. In addition, check whether the water inlet pipe is clogged, or bent, or folded. Generally, this will cause the water inlet not to flow smoothly, which will affect the water output and cause uncleanness. The filter at the water inlet is also a wearing part. Check and replace if damaged. If the problem has not been solved, check the pressure regulator, relief valve, and internal seals. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Clayson high-pressure washer manufacturer in time to get better after-sales service!


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