What is the future motor controller?

October 18, 2019

What is the future motor controller?


The motor controller works not only for itself but also for the combination of motors, such as permanent magnet synchronous motors, servo motors, and split DC motors. With more and more integrated features, it means that security requirements are getting higher and higher. Security performance needs to be realized through a combination of many chip architectures, such as SBC+MCU monitoring architecture, high-voltage backup power supply, safety-related driver chip, comprehensive diagnosis of IGBT faults, independent safety shutdown path, resolving signal decoding of independent ADC channel, high-quality two-way high voltage Sampling circuit, different quality three-phase current Hall sensor, etc. With the development of devices and the development of packaging technology, cost prediction will gradually decrease. From the packaging perspective, the trend of traditional easy-to-use modules to square bricks, ultra-thin shapes, and finally bare DBC/chip forms has evolved.

From a chip perspective, the motor controller is moving toward high efficiency and high operating junction temperature. For example, if the junction temperature of the E3 chip is 150 °C, the junction temperature of the EDT2 chip can be increased to 175 °C, and the junction temperature of the SIC silicon carbide chip can exceed 175 °C. SiC devices can significantly reduce switching losses, improve system efficiency, reduce lead time, and increase system output. The direction of the IGBT inside the motor is 650V, and the design of the IGBT is higher to 750V and 1200V. Therefore, the EMC level will be higher and higher. The next step should be the class5 level. Now the second generation products may be able to do class3 and class4. Afterward, EMC will need class5 to require miniaturization and lower cost.

With the advancement of smart technology, there are many kinds of motor controllers. The intelligent controller is probably the most common one because it can use the microprocessor to control the power components used in motor control and monitor the motor. The load, which matches the torque and load of the motor, is designed to reduce the AC voltage to the motor and make the motor safer because the car must be safer and smarter.


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