What is included in the common sense of safe use of electricity

September 2, 2019

What is included in the common sense of safe use of electricity?

1. Do not pull the wires privately.


2. Non-professional electricians shall not perform electrical maintenance, installation, or migration of electrical circuits.


3. Do not use electricity overloaded. Do not increase the air switch specifications or increase the fuse specifications.


4. Do not place any objects such as clothing on the wires. Also, do not tie the wires directly to buildings or other places.


5. Non-electrician maintenance personnel must not climb the structure of poles and power distribution units.


6. All accessible parts of the exposed conductive parts, such as metal enclosures, must be grounded or zero protected and fitted with a leakage protector.


7. You should generally use for sockets of mobile electrical appliances, sockets with protective earthing plugs, and leakage protectors should be installed.


8. When the wire is found to be broken, it must not be approached or touched. The electrician should be called in time, and you should designate the no-pass zone, and you should send the guards to wait for the electrician to repair and handle it.


9. If someone has an electric shock, make sure that the first-aid method such as artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed on the premise of cutting off the power supply and dial the 120 emergency number in time.



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