The occurrence and harm of short circuit in power system

September 2, 2019

Electricians often encounter short circuits in their daily work, electrical equipment, and electrical circuits are burned to varying degrees. Some short-circuit faults can also cause explosions and fires, which threaten our property and life.


So how is the short circuit generated?


In the operation of the power system, an abnormal connection between phase or phase or phase (or neutral) is called a short circuit. The phase-to-phase short circuit and the short circuit to the ground are often mentioned in electrician maintenance, and the short-circuit current generated during the short circuit is very large.


1. The insulation of the current-carrying part of the electrical equipment is damaged, and the insulating material will naturally age and foul when used for a long time.


2. The electric circuit is easily affected by moisture.


3. Insufficient maintenance of electrician maintenance personnel or mechanical damage in electrical equipment.

What are the hazards caused by a short circuit?


1. The short-circuit current generated during short-circuit is very large. When passing through the conductor, on the one hand, the conductor will be overheated or even melted, and the insulator will be damaged. On the other hand, a large electric force will also be generated on the conductor to deform or damage the conductor and the device.


2. Short circuit may cause an electrical fire or arc injury.


3. When the short circuit occurs, the system voltage will drop greatly, especially the voltage near the short circuit point will drop a lot, affecting the power supply of some or all users.


4. When a short circuit occurs, an arc is often generated, and the arc temperature is very high, which may burn the electrical equipment itself.


5. When a short circuit occurs in the power system, the sudden change of the power distribution of the system and the severe drop of the voltage may damage the stable operation of the power system.


It can be seen that the short circuit is very harmful, so in the daily electrical maintenance work, it is necessary to eliminate hidden dangers, reduce the short circuit phenomenon, and prevent the occurrence of electrical accidents.


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