What is a motor controller?

October 18, 2019
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What is a motor controller?


For the definition of the motor controller, the official explanation is that it is an integrated circuit that actively controls the motor to operate according to the set direction, speed, angle, and response time. In an electric vehicle, the function of the motor controller is to convert the electric energy stored in the power battery into the electric energy required to drive the motor according to the gear position, throttle, brake, etc., to control the starting operation, climbing strength, etc. of the electric vehicle. Status.

Due to different research purposes, the classification of motors is numerous. At present, the electric motor of the electric vehicle is basically an AC motor. At present, the mainstream motor for the mainstream car is a permanent magnet AC motor, which has three characteristics: one is a simple structure, safe and reliable in operation; the other is a small size and weight comparison of the motor. Second, light, low power consumption, high efficiency; third, the shape and size of the motor are flexible and diverse. The motor controller is composed of two parts: the inverter and the controller. The inverter receives the DC power transmitted from the battery and converts the three-phase AC into the power supply of the automobile motor. The controller then receives the signal, such as the motor speed, and feeds it to the meter. When the braking or acceleration behavior occurs, the controller controls the inverter. The frequency is raised and lowered to achieve the purpose of acceleration or deceleration.


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