What are the faults that occur when starting the generator set from time to time?

May 13, 2019

What are the faults that occur when starting the generator set from time to time?

At present, the most commonly used backup power source for many manufacturing companies is the self-starting generator set. Its characteristic is “quick start, emergency power supply,” so the diesel generator set must be in a standby state for a long time. To use it effectively, You must regularly maintain diesel generator sets on the generator set. Once the maintenance is not carried out, the generator set itself will have a problem with the environment and its issues. If there is no regular maintenance, what issues will the generator set have?


1) Water enters the diesel engine

As the moisture in the air condenses in the temperature change, the water droplets are attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank and flow into the diesel oil, causing the diesel water content to exceed the standard. Such diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil engine, which will rust the precision coupling parts and seriously damage. Therefore, the unit, regular maintenance is effective and can be avoided.


2) Oil retention period

The engine oil is mechanically lubricated, and the engine oil has a specific retention period. However, when stored for a long time, the physicochemical properties of the oil will change, causing the lubrication condition of the unit to deteriorate during the operation of the team, which may easily cause damage to the unit parts, so you should replace the lubricating oil regularly.


3) Unit start battery failure

The battery is unmaintained for a long time, and you cannot replenish the electrolyte in time after evaporation. The battery charger is not configured. As a result, the battery is discharged after an extended natural discharge, or the charger used needs to be manually charged and floated. Due to the failure to perform the switching operation, battery power is not required. To solve this problem, in addition to configuring a high-quality charger, necessary inspection and maintenance are required.


4) Failure of the cooling system

The water pump, water tank, and water supply pipeline have not been cleaned for a long time, so that the water circulation is not smooth. As a result, the cooling effect is reduced, the water pipe joint is good, the water tank and the water channel are leaking, etc. If the cooling system is faulty, the consequences are: first, cooling The effect is not good and the water temperature in the unit is too high, and the machine is shut down. The Commer unit is the most common. Second, the water tank leaks, and the water level in the water tank drops, and the team will not work usually.


5) Three filter replacement cycle

The filter filters diesel oil, oil, or water to prevent impurities from entering the body. In diesel, oil and impurities are inevitable, so the filter plays a vital role in the unit's operation. Still, At the same time, these oils or impurities are deposited on the wall of the filter to reduce the filter capacity of the filter. If the deposit is too much, the oil path will not be unblocked, so that the oil machine will be shocked when the load is running, so it needs to be Three filters are used for cycle replacement.



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