How to detect bearing lubrication before starting a new or long-running motor?

May 10, 2019

How to detect bearing lubrication before starting a new or long-running motor?

Check the lubrication of the new or long-running motor before starting. The rolling bearing grease must be clean, free from impurities, moisture, and non-deterioration. It can be checked and dealt with following the relevant provisions of Article 8.2. When adding or replacing grease, the grade specified on the outline drawing should be used. When there are no specified grades on the outline drawing, 7008 aviation grease is usually used for 2~8 poles, and molybdenum disulfide grease is used for ten poles and above. Use 7008 aviation grease instead of molybdenum disulfide grease, and vice versa. Neither of these greases can replace the other grades specified in the outline drawing. Never mix two fats. For plain bearings, you must clean the original anti-rust coating first, and then the lubricating oil is added according to the outline drawing, and no oil leakage is allowed.

During the actual operation of the equipment, when the newly installed grease bearing starts to rotate, the grease is first taken out from the rotating element and quickly circulated and cooled in the cavity of the bearing cap; then, the oil is again rotated from the bearing The outside of the race is cut into the rotating element. A part of the grease that is in close contact with the surface of the rotating component breaks down the fibrous network structure under shearing so that a small amount of deposited lubricating oil forms a lubricating film on the surface of the rotating member and the race; the remaining part of the grease remains intact—fiber mesh structure for cooling and sealing.


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