What are the characteristics of the hollow shaft?

September 9, 2019

What are the characteristics of the hollow shaft?

A through-hole is formed in the center of the shaft body, and an inner key groove is formed in the through-hole. The outer surface of the shaft body is machined with a stepped cylinder and has a key groove, and the central through hole of the shaft is sleeved with the spindle of the pressing shaft. The input power is transmitted directly to the squeeze spindle through the drive gear mounted on the cylinder on the outer surface of the shaft.
Hollow shaft features:
The space occupied by the hollow shaft is relatively large, but you can reduce the weight. According to the mechanical analysis of the material, when the shaft transmits the torque, the effect of transmitting the effective torque is higher as the outer section is viewed from the radial section. Therefore, a thicker shaft diameter is required when the shaft needs to transmit a large torque. On the other hand, since the effect of transmitting torque at the axial portion is small, hollow is generally used to reduce the weight of the rotating shaft.



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