How to choose solid shaft and hollow shaft?

September 9, 2019

How do you choose a solid shaft and a hollow shaft?

Hollow shafts are more difficult to manufacture than solid shafts and costly. Both are widely used in packaging machinery: filling machinery, filling machinery, wrapping machinery, sealing machinery, labeling machinery, cleaning machinery, drying machinery, sterilization machinery. , Bundling machinery, container machinery, multi-functional packaging machinery, packaging material manufacturing machinery, packaging container


Manufacturing machinery and auxiliary packaging machinery to complete its packaging operations. The hollow shaft and the solid shaft are more widely used. In actual work, specific analysis is required, and the shape and size of the section are reasonably selected.

The first point, assuming that the outer diameters are the same, the materials are the same, and the heat treatment is the same, the solid shaft is certainly more resistant to bending and torsion than the hollow shaft.

The second point is that the hollow shaft has higher bending and torsion resistance, assuming the same cross-sectional area, material, and heat treatment. However, it is not unconditional. If the wall is too thin, although the moment of inertia and the modulus of the bending section are high, the compressive stress may cause local instability of the compression zone in the case of bending moment.


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