The role of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps

March 20, 2019
Latest company news about The role of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps


The vertical single-suction multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump delivers normal temperature water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water.
The pump is installed vertically. A claw-type coupling connects the motor shaft and the pump shaft. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, and small floor space, and is mainly used for water supply of high-rise buildings, and can also be applied to water supply and drainage of factories, mines, and enterprises. Low-pressure boiler recycling water.

Working conditions
The maximum working pressure of the vertical multistage centrifugal pump system is 2.4Mpa. That is, the suction pressure pump head of the pump is 2.4MP, and the static pressure test pressure of the pump is 3.6Mpa.
Would you mind indicating the system working pressure? For example, if the working pressure of the pump system exceeds 2.4Mpa, please explain it when ordering to design and manufacture separately.
The vertical multistage centrifugal pump can transport ≦105°C clean water or physicochemical substances like clean water.

The main purpose
Mainly used in high-rise building life, fire, heating, air conditioning system water supply, hotels, business office buildings, and other high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises municipal engineering water supply and drainage and fire, sprinkler system water supply and boiler feed water, chemical process water supply and other occasions.

The vertical pump structure is easy to install and debug. The uniquely designed motor and pump body adopt the joint machine base. As a result, the concentricity processing precision is high, the floor space is greatly reduced, and the construction investment is reduced. The foot is firm and compact. The exquisite casting and appearance treatment give the new multi-stage pump a new aesthetic, making the product look artistic and compared with many manufacturers' multi-stage pumps.
The bearings are precision bearings with high precision, good reliability, and long life.
The pump shaft seal is made of packing or mechanical seal. The latter is improved by the former: stainless steel, tungsten, fluorine rubber, etc. As a result, it has high-temperature resistance, long operating life, no leakage, no wear on the shaft, and guarantees the working environment. Tidy.
The impeller and the rotating friction parts are made of alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-free. At the same time, it can avoid the generation of rust water, block the fire-fighting devices such as spray, and prolong the pump's service life.


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