The effect of water jetting from the nozzle is the key to the cleaning process of the high- pressure cleaner

November 11, 2019
Latest company news about The effect of water jetting from the nozzle is the key to the cleaning process of the high- pressure cleaner

The effect of water jetting from the nozzle is the key to the cleaning process of the high-pressure cleaner.

The nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner is the generating component of the fluid jet. It converts the static pressure of the high-pressure water into the dynamic pressure of the water jet and ensures that the jet has good flow characteristics and dynamic performance. Practical experience tells us that the water jet nozzle instantaneously transmits up to 105 kW. Therefore, the effect of water jets from the nozzles is the key to the high-pressure washer cleaning process.

In the cutting of high-pressure cleaners, when the water jet of the high-pressure cleaner is large enough, like a sharp knife, even the metal can be cut, so more and more high-pressure cleaners are machined—the industry's water jet cutting. After a lot of practice, even pure water will detonate sensitive chemicals when the water pressure exceeds a certain threshold. The sand water cuts because the sand contains abrasive sand, the impact of sand, and the collision of objects, of course. A large amount of energy generated can easily cause the instability of special chemicals. After a lot of practice tests, the threshold value measured after Zui is about 2376 bar. Therefore, in the high-pressure water jet cutting industry, we must study the parameters in detail for high-pressure water jet cutting above 2000 bar. The main application area is in the machining industry. When we cut with ordinary water jets, the typical pressure is typically within 500 bar, well below the safety threshold. Therefore, as long as the correct operation is not a safety accident.
The application of the high-pressure cleaner in the cleaning of the synthetic rubber glue tank, the cleaning method before the synthetic rubber glue tank is troublesome, and it is necessary to use scaffolding, laying the pedals, manually using a small shovel—other tools to complete the cleaning, which are labor-intensive. The work speed is slow, it requires a lot of workforce and material resources, and the dirt is not cleaned cleanly. The whole cleaning operation environment is terrible, and it is easy to cause an accident. Now use a high-pressure cleaner to clean up. The umbrella-type hanger is used to reduce the disadvantages of occupying a lot of workforces and material resources. When it is gathered, it is put into the tank from the top of the glue tank, and then the umbrella frame is opened, and the appropriate pedal is laid. The working platform can be moved up and down, and the working platform is moved up and down by the mechanical control of the tank. The pressure washer operator stands on the working platform and can hold the gun to clean any position of the glue tank to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This is a relatively scientific, economical, and environmentally friendly cleaning method that more and more users have adopted.

High-pressure cleaners are classified by use and are mainly used in household, commercial and industrial types. Household high-pressure cleaners generally have lower flow, pressure, and life, usually within 80 hours. And it is portable, easy to operate, flexible, and so on. Compared with domestic washing machines, commercial high-pressure cleaners have higher parameters, frequent use, long service life, and long life than industrial washing machines. In addition to the high-performance requirements of high-pressure cleaning machines for industrial use, there are often special requirements such as rust removal and water cutting.

Pay attention to those processes when using high-pressure steam cleaners: Before using, you must read the product introduction manual carefully; at the same time, confirm the electrical system and sufficient power supply capacity, properly connect the power supply of the machine; confirm the water supply source and automatically enter the water with the machine. Next, connect the valve and open the water supply valve; confirm that the start switch is closed, connect the spray gun to the machine, and close the drain valve at the bottom of the machine.
When the pressure washer encounters the following conditions, it needs an emergency stop: 1. There is vibration or abnormal sound; 2. Excessive pressure exceeds the equipment; 3. The pressure gauge and liquid level indicator are not normal; 4. The water leakage is serious. Can not block when; 5, the operation failure does not work. If you encounter these conditions, you can't solve them. Don't worry. Press the “emergency stop” button quickly, unplug the power supply, and check it slowly. If you can't solve it, get in touch with the Claisen high-pressure cleaner manufacturer.


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