A high-pressure cleaning nozzle is key to the cleaning process

November 9, 2019
Latest company news about A high-pressure cleaning nozzle is key to the cleaning process

A high-pressure cleaning nozzle is a key to the cleaning process.

The nozzle of the high-pressure cleaner with the hollow shaft motor is the generating component of the fluid jet. It converts the static pressure of the high-pressure water into the dynamic pressure of the water jet and ensures that the jet has good flow characteristics and dynamic performance. Practical experience tells us that the water jet nozzle instantaneously transmits up to 105 kW. Therefore, high-pressure cleaning nozzles are the key to the cleaning process.

What should be paid attention to during the use of the industrial high-pressure cleaning machine? During the operation of the high-pressure cleaning machine, please do not turn the high-pressure injection device on and off repeatedly to minimize the frequent operation of sudden opening and sudden closing, which will frequently turn on the motor. And will give the impact of the high-pressure outlet pipe, increasing the possibility of damage. In addition, the high-pressure cleaning machine should drain the water inside the water pipe when it is not used for a long time, and then manually bend the hose into a roll and place it in a horizontal state to ensure better use next time!

The application of high-pressure cleaners in the automotive industry. At present, some foreign companies have used large-scale high-pressure cleaning machines as cutting machines to process automobile parts, which makes the cutting precision of large-sized reinforcing fiber coverings of large passenger cars and other vehicles reach 0.127mm, and the processing precision is extremely high. We know that modern cars are becoming more and more popular, and everyone's needs are constantly improving. Cars are changing quickly, with many varieties, and each appearance is small in size. This requires that the automobile production molds have high versatility and high flexibility when producing automobile molds. The use of high-pressure water jets with high-pressure water jets is very effective in processing parts. In addition, the high-pressure cleaner is also achievable when cutting aluminum materials larger than 6mm or steel plates larger than 10mm, and the effect is excellent, so the cutting of the exterior panels, interior trim panels, various gaskets, and glass plastic panels can be Easy to complete. Compared with traditional thermal cutting, high-pressure cleaners have low cutting costs, good cutting results, and some special cutting requirements that can be adapted. The cutting technology of domestic high-pressure washing machines has just started. I believe that as more and more industries choose high-pressure cleaning machines for cutting!

Classified from the outlet temperature of the high-pressure cleaner, it is divided into two categories: cold water washer and hot water washer. The difference between the two is the temperature of the water, a heating device is added to the hot water washer, and the combustion cylinder generally heats the water. Hot water cleaning can quickly wash away the dirt and oil stains that are not easily washed during the cold water cleaning process, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.


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