The Beijing Olympic Games Multi-functional Broadcasting Tower - "Linglong Tower" successfully broadcasted the Olympic Games to the world

October 8, 2019
Latest company news about The Beijing Olympic Games Multi-functional Broadcasting Tower - "Linglong Tower" successfully broadcasted the Olympic Games to the world

The Beijing Olympic Games Multi-functional Broadcasting Tower - "Linglong Tower" successfully broadcasted the world.


During the Olympics, TV broadcasters hope to capture the most vivid images from a unique perspective. Starting from the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, it is customary to build a high-point studio based on important venues in the central area. After completing the Beijing Olympic Games multi-functional studio tower, the “Linglong Tower,” the 29th Olympic Games power broadcasters all worked in the studio in the tower. The spectacular Olympic Park and the surrounding Olympic venues became the background for the broadcast. As a result, the audience has a strong visual impact.


The highest building in the central area of ​​Beijing Olympic Park - the Olympic Multi-purpose Broadcasting Tower (also known as "Linglong Tower") is located on the northwest side of the Bird's Nest. It is adjacent to the Central Axis Landscape Avenue in the west. The main body is made of steel structure, and the exterior glass curtain wall is used. The equilateral triangle is divided into 7 layers. The first floor is a hall with a building area of ​​1000 square meters. The second floor is a studio. The top tower is tentatively designated as a VIP sightseeing hall with an overall height of 132 meters. The design of the multi-functional studio draws on the elements of the towers in traditional Chinese architectural culture. It uses the advanced technologies of steel structure and glass curtain wall and modern hand-painted abstraction to express the characteristics of towers that are light, exquisite, and transparent and utilizes the color of the metal and the glass. Crystal clear, creating a strong visual impact. The glass curtain can also be dazzled by the LED at night, becoming the glass tower in the center of the Beijing Olympic Park. The “Linglong Tower” with steel structure and the National Stadium “Bird's Nest” with steel structure complement each other and become another landmark landscape in the core area of ​​the Olympic Games. The media of the countries authorized to enter the country will broadcast the most brilliant Olympic games to the world. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and China Central Television have set up studios here, and the multi-purpose studio provides high-quality services for recording and broadcasting HDTV signals.

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games provided high-definition television signal broadcasts for all competitions, all of which were implemented in high-definition, 5.1-channel surround sound for global TV broadcasts. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (BOB) provided 5,400 hours of live broadcast signals for Olympic rights broadcasters, with a global audience of 4 billion.


Guangzhou Baiyun Pump Industry Group is the designated supplier of water supply equipment for the Beijing Olympic Games multi-functional broadcasting tower - "Linglong Tower." The BPS environmentally-friendly life frequency water supply equipment independently developed, designed, and produced by the Group provides life water supply services for the broadcast tower, BWQ, BWQB. The series submersible sewage pump provides sewage, wastewater, and rainwater for the TV tower toilet and the puddle. It provides the most advanced, environmentally friendly, and humanized water supply and drainage solution for the “Linglong Tower.”


When interviewing the head of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, the general contractor of the construction tower, the chief engineer gave such an evaluation: the multi-functional broadcasting tower of the Beijing Olympic Games - "Linglong Tower" reflects China's long and splendid design style and concept. While also demonstrating the modern high-tech strength in construction and materials, the traditional architectural culture completed the mission of relaying the Beijing Olympic Games to the world, which is another new milestone in the history of China's architecture. What is more important is that the successful operation of the tower is inseparable from the support of many excellent materials and equipment suppliers in China. It is precise because of these high-quality products that the “Linglong Tower” is guaranteed worldwide. So outstanding.

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