Single phase asynchronous motor

June 15, 2019
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Single-phase asynchronous motor

The single-phase asynchronous motor comprises a stator, a rotor, a bearing, a casing, an end cover, and the like.

The stator consists of a base and a core with windings. The iron core is formed by laminating silicon steel sheets. Two sets of main windings (also called running windings) and auxiliary windings (also called starting windings into secondary windings) with 90° electrical angles are embedded in the slots. The main winding is connected to the AC power supply. The auxiliary winding is connected to the centrifugal switch S or the starting capacitor, the running capacitor, etc., and then connected to the power supply.

The rotor is a cage cast aluminum rotor formed by laminating iron cores and casting aluminum into the slots of the iron core and extruding the end rings together to short-circuit the rotor bars into a squirrel cage type.

Single-phase asynchronous motors are further divided into single-phase resistor-start asynchronous motors, single-phase capacitor-start asynchronous motors, single-phase capacitor-operated asynchronous motors, and single-phase two-value capacitor asynchronous motors.



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