Silent water pump use

April 28, 2019

Silent water pump use

Although some micro-pumps also have self-priming capability, their maximum self-priming height actually refers to the height of the water that you can lift after “adding water,” which is different from the “self-priming” in the true sense. For example, the standard self-priming suction stroke is 2 meters, the actual is only 0.5 meters, and the micro self-priming pump BSP27250S is different. Its self-suction height is 5 meters. Without water diversion, it can be lower than 5 meters below the pumping end. The water is pumping up. And the small size is a true "micro self-priming pump," and the noise is quite small, basically called a silent pump. The use of silent water pump: Mainly used in water treatment, environmental protection, medical, industrial control, scientific research laboratories, etc., need to meet the needs of small size, low noise, low power consumption, etc., can be widely used for lifting, transferring, pressurizing, spraying, Spray, water circulation, transportation, and other purposes.


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