Reluctance synchronous motor

June 17, 2019
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Reluctance synchronous motor

In the same cage-type asynchronous motor, the rotor is also provided with a cage cast aluminum winding to generate asynchronous starting torque. A reaction tank corresponding to the number of poles of the stator (only the action of the salient pole portion, the non-excited winding, and the permanent magnet) is opened on the rotor for generating the reluctance synchronous torque. According to the structure of the reaction tank on the rotor, it can be divided into an inner reaction type rotor, an outer reaction type rotor, and an inner and outer reaction type rotor. The outer reaction type rotor reaction groove opens the outer circumference of the rotor to make the direct axis and the intersecting axis direction. Air gaps are not equal. The inner portion of the inner reaction type rotor is grooved so that the magnetic flux in the direction of the cross-axis is blocked and the magnetic resistance is increased. The internal and external reactive rotors combine the structural characteristics of the above two types of rotors. The difference between the straight axis and the intersecting axis is large so that the force energy of the motor is large. Magnetoresistive synchronous motors are classified into single-phase capacitor operation types, single-phase capacitor start types, and single-phase double-value capacitor types.


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