Precautions for use of submersible sewage pump

May 23, 2019
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Precautions for the use of submersible sewage pump

The submersible sewage pump can tear, cut, and then discharge the long fibers, bags, belts, grass, cloth, and other materials in the sewage and then discharge it smoothly. Thus, it is especially suitable for conveying liquids containing hard solids and fibrous materials and foul, sticky, and slippery liquids.

What are the precautions for using the submersible sewage pump?

Before the pump is started, the system should be inspected by a qualified electrician to ensure the following electrical protection measures are required for each of the following tops:

1. Before the pump is running, use the 0~500 megohmmeter to check the motor's phase and relative insulation resistance. The minimum should be greater than 2MΩ;

2. The power supply unit should be safe, reliable, and normal. The power supply voltage and frequency should be following the regulations (voltage is 380V±5%, frequency is 50Hz±1%), and the instantaneous voltage difference should not exceed 10%. If the power supply is far away from the water pump, the cross-sectional area of ​​the cable should be thicker. The joint should be as small as possible. Otherwise, the voltage will drop too much, and the cable joint should be sealed and waterproof to prevent leakage;

3. The symbol "┴" is the grounding wire (usually green and yellow two-color wire or black wire) in the four-core cable. To ensure safe use, it must be firmly grounded and 50mm longer than other wires;

4. When the conditions permit, the electrical protection device may include: a grounding protector, a ground leakage current interrupter, etc., but in any case, you must install a slow-melting fuse following the rated current 値 of the electric pump;

5, the electrical control device should be moisture-proof, the well should be installed in the moisture-proof area, the cable should be placed in the suction port of the pump;

6. Check the direction of rotation of the rotor.

After the electric pump is started or reinstalled for the first time, you should check the direction of rotation. If the direction of rotation is not correct, the pump efficiency will reduce, or the impeller will fall off and damage the pump.

To determine the direction of rotation of the rotor, before the pump is finally installed, it should be lifted and jogged. The direction of rotation is correct according to the following conditions. Otherwise, it would help if you exchanged the position of any two of the three-phase lines on the controller to change the direction of rotation.

a. Looking down from the top of the pump, the rotor rotates clockwise;

b. Looking up from the bottom (i.e., the direction of the suction port), the blade is rotated counterclockwise.



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