Need to choose home high-pressure water gun from these aspects

December 2, 2019

Need to choose home high-pressure water gun from these aspects

With the popularization of automobiles, more and more ordinary families have begun to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles. As a result, household water guns have become more and more common cleaning tools. It is necessary to choose domestic high-pressure water guns from these aspects. Many advantages, such as water and practicality, are also easy to operate and clean quickly. But the choice and purchase of high-pressure water guns are very particular.

一 、 Faucet connector

The connector of the faucet controls one of the important interfaces of the water flow. Unfortunately, many families ignore the type of the connector and the faucet at home when selecting and purchasing, so there will always be problems such as the model not matching.


2. Waterpipe connector


General water pipe joints are available in two models: detachable and conjoined:


1. Detachable joints generally use spring bayonet type, which is more convenient in use. If there are damaged parts, they can be replaced in time. This kind of water will also be divided into water and water. The water stop generally appears at the water gun port. If you want to replace the water gun during the work process, you can directly remove the water gun connector, and the baffle can automatically deactivate the water source when the related forces such as water flow are determined. Water flow is a widespread one, and it is used most often in daily life.


2. Water pipes and joints in the form of conjoined joints are already integrated into the factory, so they cannot be repaired once they are damaged.

Which manufacturer should choose the high-pressure cleaning machine and how to choose it? There are many places to pay attention to, such as water pipes and the choice of water guns. Not only should we pay attention to the above items when selecting a high-pressure water gun, but also we must carefully compare and understand our needs before we can buy the desired equipment.


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