Environmental pollution is very low using high-pressure environmental cleaning machines

December 3, 2019

Environmental pollution is very low using high-pressure environmental cleaning machines.

The use of high-pressure environmental protection cleaners has very low environmental pollution. This is because the main medium of high-pressure cleaners is only water. Its working principle is that when the impact force of the sprayed water is greater than the adhesion of dirt and the surface of the object, so that dirt and objects The surface separation is carried away by the water flow to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The entire process has no chemical additives and only water, so the high-pressure cleaner is pollution-free.

How to solve the pressure of the water pump of the high-pressure washer is too low? 1. Impeller wear is getting larger and larger, and the gap between the impeller and the pump casing is large. 2. Something like small stones is blocked in the impeller gap. 3. There is a too thick scale on the impeller. 4. It is not excluded that there are many reasons such as reduced motor power and bad bearings. 5. Generally, all the motor pumps are disassembled and overhauled once. You should replace the worn and bad ones. The refueling and refueling will usually achieve the original effect.


The impact of high-pressure industrial cleaning machine nozzles on the work. If the nozzle design is not reasonable, it will cause a considerable amount of water to overflow in the spray system and return to the water tank, which will cause a great waste of energy. If it is assumed that there is no overflow loss, then at the nozzle outlet, the energy loss is caused by the natural contraction of the water jet passing through the nozzle outlet so that the high-pressure pump flow cannot completely flow out of the nozzle, we call it the water jet contraction loss. The main power machinery of the high-pressure washer is a high-pressure pump, and the main characteristic parameters of the high-pressure pump are the pressure and flow of high-pressure water. The nozzle is a working mechanism that converts the pressure energy of the high-pressure pump's liquid flow into mechanical energy or high-speed kinetic energy that fights hard scaling and pipe blockages. For a well-designed high-pressure cleaning machine, you should completely spray the high-pressure water sent by the high-pressure pump from the nozzle to form a high-pressure water jet to clean or crush the cleaning target.


The importance of the pressure regulating valve to the high-pressure washer. The high-pressure washer can work at any working pressure under the rated working pressure because the pressure regulating valve plays a role. A pressure-regulating valve is an important scheduling organization to ensure and end this work. Since most of the high-pressure water generating equipment equipped with high-pressure cleaners are classified as constant-flow volumetric pumps, they will be accompanied by overflow when working at any pressure below the rated working pressure. The pressure relief valve is a device that can end the pressure regulation and overflow of high-pressure water generating equipment together, which is called a pressure relief valve. The main functions are as follows: 1. Constant pressure overflow effect: The quantitative pump supplies a stable flow in the quantitative pump saving and dispatching system. When the system pressure increases, the flow needs to decrease. At this time, the relief valve is opened to allow the remaining flow to overflow to the fuel tank to ensure that the pressure at the inlet of the relief valve, that is, the pressure at the pump outlet, is stable (the valve port often opens unsteadily with the pressure). 2. Stabilizing effect: The relief valve is connected in series on the oil return road, the backpressure of the relief valve occurs, and the stability of the moving parts increases. 3. System unloading function: The remote control port of the relief valve is connected in series with a small-flow solenoid valve. When the solenoid is energized, the remote control port of the relief valve passes through the fuel tank, and the hydraulic pump is unloaded at this time. The relief valve is now used as a relief valve. 4. Safety protection function: When the system is working normally, the valve is closed. You only need to open the overflow when the load exceeds the rule limit for overload protection so that the system pressure will no longer increase.


How to clean up the places with heavy oil pollution? Hotel flue cleaning, fume hoods, and stoves are much oily and stick to the equipment. Such cleaning is better if you choose a high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner. Because the current high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine have a working pressure of 200 bar and a flow rate of 900 liters per hour, the outlet temperature is about 180 degrees, and the speed of melting oil is breakneck. Therefore, in places where drainage is convenient, and the environmental requirements are not too high, high temperatures and pressure washer is still a good choice.


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