Motor stator winding shape and installation method

May 8, 2019


Motor stator winding shape and installation method

The shape and embedding mode of the stator winding of the motor are concentric and stacked windings. The concentric windings are several rectangular coils of different sizes of the same coil. They are arranged in the form of a return word one by one according to the position of the same center. Generally, the single-phase motor And some low-power three-phase asynchronous motors use this type of winding; the stacked windings are all the same in shape and size of all the coils (except single and double rings), each with one coil side embedded and at the outer end of the slot In the form of one-to-one and evenly distributed, the stacked windings are divided into a single layer and a double layer. Thus, the three-phase asynchronous low-power motors are single-layered, and the high-power motors are double-layered.

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