Motor frequency control

June 4, 2019
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Motor frequency control

The motor frequency conversion speed regulation is related to the person, P is the pole number of the motor, S is the slip rate, f is the power supply frequency, and n is the motor's actual speed.

1. The motor is slowly accelerated from 050HZ through the inverter or soft start, which reduces the impact of the pump due to sudden high-speed start, and reduces the impact of the starting current on the grid during direct start;

2. Improve the power factor, improve the power quality of the motor, ensure that the motor's power matches the actual load, and achieve the purpose of energy-saving operation of the system.

3. Eliminate the surge phenomenon of the pump so that the pump operation is in the best working condition;

4. Conveniently realize automatic control so that the adjusted amount can be adjusted more smoothly, enhancing the system's stability and reliability.

The motor frequency conversion speed is proportional to the frequency. You can smoothly adjust the motor speed by changing the frequency to continuously and conveniently change the air volume of the fan. By changing the motor speed, you can easily change the air volume of the fan to ensure the optimization of the air-fuel ratio;

The speed can effectively guarantee the expected working condition of the system and reduce the electric loss of the system.



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