Industry information: Classification of centrifugal pumps

March 17, 2019

Classification of centrifugal pumps:

There are many types of centrifugal pumps, and the following methods are common in classification methods.

1. According to the impeller suction method: single-suction centrifugal pump double suction centrifugal pump;

2, according to the number of impellers: single-stage centrifugal pump multi-stage centrifugal pump;

3. According to the impeller structure: open impeller centrifugal pump semi-open impeller centrifugal pump closed impeller centrifugal pump;

4, according to the working pressure: low-pressure centrifugal pump medium pressure centrifugal pump high-pressure centrifugal pump;

5, according to the position of the pump shaft: horizontal centrifugal pump side vertical centrifugal pump.



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