How to correctly use the megohmmeter when the circuit is repaired (shake table)

September 12, 2019

How to correctly use the megohmmeter when the circuit is repaired (shake table)

The megohmmeter is also called a shaker. It is a tool used to measure the electrical or line insulation performance during electrical maintenance. The correct use of a megohmmeter can improve the measurement accuracy and extend the service life of the megohmmeter. So what problems should you pay attention to when making circuit maintenance measurements?


1. When repairing the electrician, the megohmmeter should be tested for open circuit and short circuit, respectively, to check whether the performance of the megohmmeter is normal. When the open circuit is detected, the megohmmeter pointer should be at infinity, and the megohmmeter pointer should be at zero when the short circuit is detected.


2. Before the measurement, the power of the tested electrical equipment and the circuit should be cut off, and the relevant electrical appliances should be grounded and discharged (especially capacitors) to ensure personal safety and megohmmeter measurement accuracy.


3. The megger should be properly wired when repairing the line, such as cable or wire. The lend should be connected to the exposed conductor of the loop, and you should connect the end to the ground wire or metal casing. For example, you should measure the insulation performance of the cable. The shield should be connected to the g end.


4. During the shaking test, no one can work on the equipment or electrical circuit under test and pay attention to personal safety.


5, Megohmmeter measurement cords can not be twisted together, and the insulation performance of the two cords should be good.


6. When the megohmmeter is measured, the speed of the rocking handle should be gradually increased from slow to slow, and finally. Keep the speed at about 120 rpm.


7. If the meter or line is short-circuited during circuit maintenance or measurement, you should stop the pointer at the zero points and stop the handle immediately to avoid burning the megohmmeter.


8. It is forbidden to use Megohmmeter to measure insulation on equipment with a high voltage conductor at or near lightning to avoid danger.


9. After the measurement is completed, the device under test should be fully discharged (especially a capacitor) using a grounding wire to avoid danger.


10. Regularly check the accuracy of the megohmmeter by directly measuring the standard resistance with a certain value and detecting whether the megger pointer is within the allowable range.


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