Causes and treatment methods of home circuit voltage instability

September 11, 2019

Causes and treatment methods of home circuit voltage instability

What is the cause of the unstable home voltage? If voltage instability is repeated many times, we must find a solution to the problem of voltage instability because voltage instability is caused by many circuit safety problems, which directly cause damage to household appliances. So, first, we need to understand the reasons that affect voltage instability and then find solutions one by one based on these reasons.

What causes the home circuit voltage to be unstable?

1. If the external power supply line is too long or the cross-section of the wire is small, the line loss will be too large. Once you open a household appliance with too much power, such as air conditioners, electric water heaters, rice cookers, etc., the voltage drop of the line will be large, resulting in unstable home circuit voltage.

2. The indoor wiring is unreasonable, and the main line of the power supply is too small. As a result, when the high-power appliance starts up, it will cause the same loop voltage to be unstable.

3. Neighbors using high-power appliances will also affect the voltage in your home, resulting in an unstable voltage.

If the home voltage is unstable, how do we solve it?

1. Causes of external lines and applying for improvements to the power supply company, it is also possible to install a voltage regulator in the home line.

2. Causes of indoor wiring, it is possible to separately route separate circuits for devices with large power consumption and increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the wires.

3. The reason for the neighbor's home line can be negotiated with him so that he does not use multiple high-powered appliances simultaneously. If used separately, it will not cause excessive load on the voltage.

The use of high-power appliances is an important cause of home circuit voltage instability. Avoiding high-voltage appliances during peak hours or using these appliances over time can effectively prevent voltage instability.

To completely solve the problem of voltage instability in the home circuit, it is necessary to find out the cause. According to different reasons, we choose different solutions. We can't blindly repair the circuit. We should consult a professional electrician, find out the cause, and then repair or modify the circuit of the home circuit.


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