How to check the cleaning effect of high-pressure washer

August 31, 2020

How to check the cleaning effect of a high-pressure washer

After using a high-pressure washer for high-pressure water jet cleaning, we all want to know what the cleaning effect is? Of course, this requires inspection, so how to inspect the cleaning effect of the high-pressure cleaner after cleaning? There are several methods, they are:

(1) Random sampling method
This detection method is suitable for a situation where there are a lot of cleaning objects. However, due to the time relationship, we cannot detect the cleaning objects one by one. At this time, we often need to select individual cleaning objects for detection randomly. The result is to determine the cleanliness of all cleaning objects. When using this method, it should be noted that a certain number of detections must be selected to more accurately reflect the overall situation.

(2) Use the most polluted part as the inspection standard for measurement
When we use this method for testing, if the cleanliness of the most polluted part has reached the requirements, then the cleaning effect of the other less polluted parts can generally meet the cleanliness requirements.

(3) Special detection for specific dirt
This detection method is to select the most influential dirt for determination. This method is suitable for degreasing and cleaning general mechanical parts. At this time, the focus of detection is oily dirt, and no specific detection of other dirt is necessary. This detection method can also verify the cleanliness of the cleaning object.


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