6-inch diesel engine pump large flow

August 21, 2020

6-inch diesel engine pump large flow


When preparing to start the diesel water pump, check the installation of all equipment and start as follows:


Inject oil from the fuel filler into the diesel engine and the water pump suspension, and check the oil level with the dipstick to meet the required height;


Add cooling water from the expansion tank to the diesel engine, and the water level should be 2~3 expansion tank high;


Put diesel in the fuel tank, press the exhaust hand pressure pump, let the diesel enter the machine through the filter;


Connect the water pump inlet and outlet pipes and gate valves, close the gate valve of the water outlet pipe, the outlet pressure gauge, and the vacuum pressure gauge;


Watering or vacuuming the pump and inlet pipe and draining the internal air;


Open the outer circulation cooling water valve;


When the inlet valve is fully open, and the outlet valve is closed, the diesel water pump is started. When the diesel engine reaches the normal speed, the valve on the outlet pipe is gradually opened and adjusted to the required working condition.


For all petrol/diesel generator sets sold through Shanghai Yihao Industrial Co., Ltd., our company has made the following commitments:
Detailed pre-sales service

Detailed and objective introduction of product performance, characteristics, understanding of the user's technical requirements for the unit,


according to the user's actual use of the recommended model, submit complete technical information and customized solutions.

Professional sales service

1. Assist users in the calculation and recommendation of the power of the equipment room;

2. Send the goods to the designated location of the user and guide the installation and commissioning;

3. The customer service specialist performs daily operations and daily maintenance on the user;

Fast after-sales service

1. Revisit the purchased customers from time to time every year, and consult the direct users on theoretical aspects and common troubleshooting.

2. Periodically returning users 3-4 times/year to guide routine maintenance;

3. Regularly check the use of the unit;

4. Receive technical guidance and handle failure within 2 hours after receiving the repair.


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