How long to run a pool pump

July 23, 2019
Latest company news about How long to run a pool pump

As we mentioned earlier, the optimal pool pump runtime is a little different for everyone.

This is for two reasons: pump size and pool size.

That said, 8 hours is a good amount of time to run your pool pump in most cases. But the longer you can run it, the better.

Here’s why:

A pool pump takes a certain amount of time to cycle through all of the water in your pool once fully. This is known as a turnover rate, and it’s different for each pump.

On average, a pump’s turnover rate ranges from 6 – 10 hours. So, when you run your pump for at least 8 hours each day, you’re getting a bare minimum of one full cycle, which is great.

But for those who want optimal filtration, 2 full cycles are best. And as you already know, the amount of time it takes for your pump to go through 2 cycles depends on your pump and pool size.

Fortunately, finding the most effective run time for your pool pump takes less than 5 minutes. Would you mind keeping reading to learn how to do it?



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