How does a pressure washer clean stains?

January 13, 2020

How do a pressure washer clean stains?

How does the high-pressure cleaner clean the stains? Because the ultra-high-pressure cleaner has a huge impact capacity, it can instantly release the water flow on the dirt being cleaned, forming a ridge-like peeling on the surface of the dirt, shear composite damage, and jet impact. Force, so that the pressure difference between the dirt and the substrate, to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the equipment.

What should be paid attention to when using the high-pressure cleaning machine. During the operation of the high-pressure cleaning machine, please do not repeatedly open and close the high-pressure injection device. Minimize the frequent operations of sudden opening and closing as much as possible. The impact of the outlet pipe increases the possibility of damage. In addition, when the high-pressure cleaning machine is not used for a long time, it is necessary to drain the accumulated water in the water pipe and then manually bend the hose into a roll and place it horizontally to ensure better use next time!


 In practical application, the safety of an ultra-high pressure washer is essential, especially the high-power ultra-high pressure washer, especially the pump cylinder. Because the ultra-high pressure washer is an ultra-high pressure vessel, the stress distribution is relatively uniform after the work is under pressure. As a result, all stresses remain within the elastic range, the elastic load capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder is increased. Therefore, the design principle of the ultra-high pressure washer is the selection of materials and processes to give the best self-reinforcing pressure and the best self-reinforcing degree.

In the field of industrial cleaning, the application industry of high-pressure cleaners has been quite extensive. Still, it has not been widespread, mainly because of the limitations of technological and technological backwardness, so that the pressure of domestic ultra-high pressure cleaners can only reach about 1500-2000bar. To reach a higher pressure, boosting needs to be considered, so what kind of method should be used to achieve the boost? There are two ways to boost the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner, one is a high-pressure plunger pump, and the other is the supercharger, both of which have their own characteristics.

When the steam high-pressure cleaner is shut down, please pay attention to it. The steam high-pressure cleaner is different from ordinary high-pressure cleaners, so when the machine is shut down, turn off the work switch and open the spray gun port to discharge the remaining steam. Next, in freezing weather, press the strong drain button on the back of the machine for a few seconds to drain the accumulated water in the pipeline, then cut off the power, arrange the water pipe, and place the machine to ensure the next use.

Like other high-pressure cleaners, the ultra-high-pressure cleaner uses pure water as its main working medium. After a high-pressure water pump pressurizes the ordinary tap water to more than one thousand atmospheres of pressure, it is ejected by a high-pressure nozzle with a small aperture—a highly concentrated jet beam.


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