General requirements for home decoration circuits and electrical installations

September 4, 2019

General requirements for home decoration circuits and electrical installations

The decoration and renovation of new houses and the renovation of old houses are all inseparable from the installation of circuit installations and household appliances. The quality of electrician installation is directly related to the aesthetics, comfort, and safety of users, in the home decoration. What are the requirements for the installation of circuits and appliances?


1. When installing the leakage protector with short-circuit protection function in the distribution box, ensure enough arc-extinguishing distance.


2. If the air switch in the distribution box is special due to the installation environment, you should take measures such as anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, or heat-proof.


3. You should fix the air switches in the distribution box on the mounting rails to facilitate future circuit maintenance and device replacement.


4. The installation height of the ceiling fan is generally 2.5 to 3 m from the ground, and the distance from the ceiling should be between 400 and 500 mm.


5. The diameter of the ceiling fan hook should be larger than the hanging angle suspension pin diameter and must not be less than 8mm.


6. The fixing screws of the fan blades should be equipped with anti-loose devices to prevent the blades from falling off when the ceiling fan rotates.


7. The engagement length between the boom, the boom, and the fan motor and the thread between each end should be greater than 20mm, and you should install an anti-loose device.


8. When the wall fan is installed, the lower edge of the wall should be greater than 1.8m from the ground, and the vertical deviation of the base plane should be less than 2mm.


9. The installation height of the ventilation fan power socket should be no less than 1.5m.


10. You should install the air conditioner from direct sunlight and heat sources such as heating pipes.


11. The air conditioner should be installed at 1m away from TV sets, audio-visual equipment, telephones, and fluorescent lamps to avoid interference.


12. The installation of the air conditioner should avoid the possibility that the flammable gas may leak and corrosive gas.


13. Install electric water heaters with protective grounding measures, using single-phase three-pole sockets and three-pole plugs.



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