Factory lighting selection and maintenance

September 5, 2019

Factory lighting selection and maintenance

Illumination devices are indispensable permanent facilities in production plants. They are characterized by regular maintenance and maintenance to maintain their performance and normal use. This is because most artificial light sources have a short effective life, and dust, heat pollution, etc., in the plant are also constantly reducing the efficiency of the lighting device. Therefore, the installation and reasonable distribution of lighting fixtures, whether it is convenient for lamp repair and replacement, and the maintenance and repair of lighting circuits are the places to be paid attention to when installing the main plant lighting. Generally, it would help if you considered the following aspects for installing and maintaining the main factory lighting.


1. The lighting of the main plant is generally high. The light source with high luminous efficiency and long life should be selected, and the direct glare should be avoided or reduced during installation.


2. When installing the lamp on the wall or column, please pay attention to the installation height of the lamp should meet the requirements of limiting glare.


3. The main building should be equipped with emergency and accident lighting to ensure that the accident lighting can play its role immediately when the common lighting is interrupted.


4, the main plant lighting fixtures maintenance and replacement are generally more difficult. You can use mechanical lifting devices or platforms.


A professional electrician should operate 5, the main plant lighting maintenance and lighting circuit maintenance.


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