Geared Motors for Pizza Packaging Line Conveyors

July 29, 2019
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Geared Motors for Pizza Packaging Line Conveyors


One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies needed an efficient, reliable drive for a pizza packaging line in one of its plants in Italy. The drives power shrink wrapping machine infeed conveyors. The facility had been using traditional stainless steel motors rated at 70-80 Hz. However, to boost production, the speed was increased to 80-90 Hz, which created excessive heat, causing the drives to fail.

After carefully analyzing the conveyor application demands, Bauer engineers recommended a geared motor for improved efficiency compared to worm gear solutions. As a result, the Model BK06 supplied features a PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) that reduces heat losses from the rotor by 100% and total losses by approximately 25% while increasing total efficiency by 10% or more. This improved performance translates into a lower total cost of ownership, a reduction in CO2 emissions, and ongoing savings that buffer against future increases in energy costs.

Because motors provide efficiency at a wide range of speeds, the conveyor line speed was adjusted up to 80 RPM when needed to meet production schedule targets.



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