Causes and prevention of fire in distribution cabinet

September 5, 2019

The main reasons for fire in distribution cabinets are as follows:


1. The selection of switch, instrument, fuse, etc., of the power distribution cabinet, is improper and prone to failure.

2. The power distribution cabinet lacks circuit maintenance and maintenance, and electrical faults such as short circuits cause a strong arc to cause a fire in the power distribution cabinet.

3. The fuse in the power distribution cabinet does not meet the requirements. When the current in the circuit is too large, it cannot function as a power failure protection.

4. The wiring of the power distribution cabinet is not neat, the circuit maintenance and installation are not standardized, the wire connection is poorly contacted, and sparks are generated.

5. The contact resistance of the power distribution cabinet is too large or overloaded, causing local high temperature or overheating of the wires and causing a fire in the power distribution cabinet.

To avoid causing fires in the power distribution cabinet, you can take the following measures:

1. The distribution cabinet must not use bare wires. You should properly select switches, fuses, and electrical meters.

2. It is forbidden to stack flammable materials in and around the power distribution cabinet and regularly remove dust and debris accumulated on it to keep it dry and clean. 3, the fuse should meet the specifications, the connection should be in good contact and reliable, the connection should be correct and standard.

4. The high voltage and low voltage distribution cabinets cannot be in the same room. Otherwise, they should be isolated. In addition, you should place a safety fence around the high voltage cabinet.

5. You should carry out the installation of the power distribution cabinet in strict accordance with the requirements, and the professional electrician should regularly carry out circuit maintenance and find out the problem in time.

6. The power distribution cabinet comprises refractory materials or outer iron sheets, and fireproof coatings are applied.

7. The outdoor power distribution cabinet should be equipped with dustproof and rainproof devices. In addition, the metal bracket and the outer casing must be reliably grounded.



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