Basic knowledge about the motor(6)

April 26, 2019
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Basic knowledge about the motor

20. In DC motors, when saturation is not considered, the cross-armature armature reaction is characterized by shifting the position of the magnetic field to zero. Still, the magnetic flux per pole is unchanged. When the brush is on a geometric neutral, the armature reaction is magnetic.

21. In a DC motor, a component that converts external DC power into internal AC power is a commutator. The purpose of the commutator is to convert DC to AC (or vice versa).

22. In a synchronous machine, when the field flux F0 of the stator winding is at the maximum value, the back E0 reaches a minimum value. When F0 reaches zero, E0 reaches the maximum value and the phase between F0 and E0. The relationship is F0 ahead E0 90o. And the relational expression between E0 and F0 is: E0 = 4.44 f N kN1F0.


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