Analysis of the causes of motor winding faults

June 11, 2019
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Analysis of the causes of motor winding faults


The motor is the most commonly used power supplier in production and life. It is precisely because of the motor that people's life has developed today, but in the process of using the motor, it will encounter motor failure, which is used in the motor. This seriously affects the motor's efficiency, and winding faults are a widespread type of fault.


Winding is a component of the motor. Aging, moisture, heat, erosion, foreign matter intrusion, and external force can cause damage to the winding. In addition, mIn addition, motor overload, under-voltage, overvoltage, and phase loss can also cause winding faults. Winding faults are generally divided into winding grounding, short circuits, open circuits, and wiring errors. Today I will introduce you.


The most common winding grounding refers to the grounding caused by the winding and the core or the insulation of the casing. In this fault, the phenomenon is that the casing is charged, the control line is out of control, and the winding is short-circuited, causing the motor to fail to operate normally. The main reason is that the winding is dampened to reduce the insulation resistance; the motor is overloaded for a long time; the harmful gas is corroded; the metal foreign matter invades the winding and damages the insulation; when the stator winding is rewinded, the insulation damages the iron core; the winding end touches the cover base; the stator and the rotor The friction causes insulation damage; the insulation of the lead wire is damaged, and the housing is in contact; the overvoltage (such as a lightning strike) causes the insulation to break down.


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