What is the power source of the pressure washer

January 8, 2020

What is the power source of the pressure washer?

What is the source of power for high-pressure cleaners? Diesel engines drive most current ultra-high-pressure cleaners with hollow shaft motors to ensure suitable for different places. Relatively speaking, the intelligent control technology of such units is quite high. A series of data such as motors, high-pressure pumps, water tanks, vacuum systems, air sources, and front pumps are completely displayed on the instrument box. At the same time, you can use the touch screen to control the units dynamically. Operation.

The cleaning principle of the high-pressure cleaner: The principle of the high-pressure cleaner is actually straightforward, that is, a high-pressure pump or a booster increases the pressure of the water, and then the water is drawn through the high-pressure pipeline to the nozzle, and the high-pressure low-velocity water is passed through the high-pressure nozzle. Transformed into a high-pressure, high-velocity jet, this powerful impact and water flow can strip and remove dirt, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning.

What is the significance of the use of high-pressure washers in the modern industry? The high-pressure washer is one of the important pieces of equipment in the cleaning industry. It uses a high-pressure pump to increase water pressure and then sprays it out under high pressure. The high-pressure water impacts the surface of the object, thus To achieve the purpose of cleaning. Different types of high-pressure cleaners have different performances and use because of different pressures and water flows. After choosing and matching them, you can fully play the cleaning efficiency and role of high-pressure cleaning equipment. If you have difficulty selecting models, please get in touch with us!
The importance of high-pressure cleaners to the cleaning industry: Compared with humans, high-pressure cleaners have greatly improved efficiency. They can quickly remove stains on the surface of items, and at the same time, can clean places that are difficult to clean manually, such as narrow pipes, high walls, etc. In addition, one machine Can replace multiple people to work, greatly reducing labor costs and submitting work efficiency.

Is stubborn oil stain effective with a high-pressure cleaner? If the oil stain is particularly stubborn, cleaning with a general high-pressure cleaner is not effective, then don't worry. We also have a hot-water pressure washer, which is made of special materials with Good heat resistance. It can spray high-temperature hot water. There is a heating boiler inside. The boiler heats the water temperature to generate high-temperature and high-pressure water jets. The hot water has oil and melting effects, so it has a special effect on cleaning stubborn oil in various equipment and pipes.



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